Tortuguero (English)


Where ecosystems in their pure state are still preserved

Located in the Northeastern coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero is one of the most bio diverse areas of the planet, where ecosystems in their pure state are still preserved. Composed mainly of aquatic habitats, Tortuguero represents an important natural reserve of great value, because its flooded plains give life to innumerable species of tropical flora and fauna.

Costa Rica

To reach Tortuguero you will have to travel by boat through its rivers, canals and lagoons from any of the access ports: Moín, Caño Blanco, Cariari or La Geest, through a complex hydrographic network fed by the water of the rivers that descend from the Central Mountain Range, surrounded by vast and dense vegetation. Another way to arrive into Tortuguero is by small plane from San Jose

From the flora, you will be surprised by the thousand of species you will find, from gigantic trees like the mountain almond tree or the ceiba, going through the exotic plants like orchids or bromeliads, up to infinity of microscopic organisms that are the basis of life in the tropics.


Regarding animal species, be sure that you will witness their presence. Among the most peculiar mammals that you will be able to see are three species of monkeys, sloths, pizotes (white-nosed coatis) and armadillos. In addition felines like the jaguar and the ocelot live here. Among the reptiles the caiman, the crocodile and the turtles stand out; and among the amphibians we find some of the most colorful and exotic frogs in the world, like the poisonous red frog. For bird lovers this is without a doubt a good destiny because there are numerous species that can be easily seen like toucans, herons, pink spoonbills, cormorants or fisher eagles.

The fresh water of the canals houses many fish species that mate and grow here, like the manatee or marine cow and prehistoric fish gaspar. The sea is abundant in fish and bathes a long and straight beach that is the chosen place by 4 species of turtles to lay their eggs. The egg-laying season for the green turtle, the more abundant, is between the months of July to October, time when you will be able to witness this event of the animal kingdom.

The town

Tortuguero is a small and quiet town, located between the sea and the canals, where there are neither cars nor noise, and where you will find small hotels, restaurants and handicraft shops. There are also good hotels scattered along the canals that usually offer complete packages from San Jose.



Among the activities that you can do in Tortuguero we recommend boat trip or in kayak thorough the secondary canals of the park, where you will have a true encounter with nature. There are also some trails that go deep into the forest or climb Cerro Tortuguero, from where you will have a panoramic view of the large National Park. These trips are better done in the company of a naturalist guide to take better advantage of your adventure. If you visit Tortuguero during the turtle season you cannot miss the egg-laying of these impressive chelonians.

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