Viejo Volcano

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Viejo Volcano

If you are on the edge of the active crater of the Poás volcano, and take a look toward the northwest, you will be able to see, in the first place, the valley of Bajos del Toro; and much more toward the west the hills of Palmira. Well, in a point that look like an ordinary mountain, there is the demolished crater of what was a volcano whose activity should have had place thousands of years ago.

The height of this volcano of the Central Mountain range is of 2.060 mt, according to the report of the National Geographical Institute. Their access can be made by the mentioned town of Bajos del Toro – or Toro Amarillo – or from the area of Palmira. There is an old path that opened a manager many years ago to take out pumice stone that is used in the soap elaboration. For that reason the neighbors of the area call The Mine to the Viejo Volcano. Their slopes are covered with cypresses and cedars. It belongs to the National Park Juan Castro Blanco.

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