Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Without a doubt, bungee jumping is one of the all time great adrenaline rushes. In fact, it’s practically an adrenaline overdose. To most observers, it may seem like sheer lunacy, but at the heart of that act of madness is an opportunity to conquer your own fear, and in doing so, gain strength and self confidence.

Unless you’ve got heart condition, or some serious problems with your back and neck, you should be able to bungee jump with no fear of injury. Jumps should always be supervised by a trained jump master, and all equipment must be up to international standards. In Costa Rica, jumps are done from the “viejo puente sobre el Rio Colorado,” an old bridge that spans a 300-foot-deep gorge located about half an hour west of San Jose. Jumps are usually done Saturday and Sunday mornings, but they can be arranged at other times for small groups. The jumps are done with 100-foot bungees, which means jumpers have dropped about 200 feet when the chord stretches to its limit.


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